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    The riveting story of Cuba's ambitious National Art School, designed by three young architects in the wake of Castro's Revolution, then nearly forgotten, and ultimately rediscovered as a visionary architectural masterpiece.

    Directed by award-winning filmmakers Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murra...

  • DELUXE EDITION -- Unfinished Spaces

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    The best deal: Theatrical cut of the film PLUS Theatrical trailer PLUS Director Q&As at Film Festivals PLUS Bonus footage of filmmaker and architect Q&As.

  • Filmmaker and Architect Q&A's

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    Exclusive footage of architect Vittorio Garatti in dialogue with Cuban artists at the Havana Art Biennial; PLUS Q&A sessions with the co-directors and the architects - Ricardo Porro, Vittorio Garatti, and Roberto Gottardi - at the film's premieres in Los Angeles, Miami and Havana.